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Healthy Schools Flu Clinic


Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has partnered with Healthy Schools - the nation's largest school vaccine provider - to offer flu shots to your child during the school day. The copay is $0, so there is no cost to you.

The CDC recommends a flu shot as your child's #1 defense against the flu. Our district's goal is to ensure that flu shots are available to 100% of our students. Help us as Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Fights the Flu.

Flu shots will be held on campus at Jersey Village High School on October 25, 2018, during the school day.

Learn more & sign up your child for a flu shot by October 17, 2018;

Notes From the Nurse

Due to important changes in the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 97 rule 97.7 regarding the control of communicable diseases, Cypress Fairbanks ISD will immediately implement the following changes in our exclusion policy in our efforts to preserve student health.

  1. Students who have a temperature at or above 100.0°F must be excluded from school until fever-free for 24 hours without the use of a fever suppressing medication.
  2. Students with diarrhea must be excluded from school until diarrhea-free for 24 hours without the use of diarrhea suppressing medication.

Full list of Communicable Disease Control Measures and Exclusion Policy

All 11th AND 12th-grade students... You are required to have meningitis shot to get into college. Most of you have NOT had this shot since Texas law did not require it in high school. You can visit Travel-Vax to get this shot. The address is 14655 Northwest Freeway (US 290). $14 for MNG shot. Once you turn 19 years of age, you can't get a $14 meningitis shot. It is now ~$140!

Medication Policy

The medication policy for Cy-Fair ISD states that parents must bring medication to the clinic and provide written permission with a request of administration directions.  This policy, although time-consuming is an effort to provide for the maximum safety of our students.  Other districts have had student deaths related to over-the-counter medication administration. As a result, medication administration is taken very seriously.

Teachers and staff are not allowed to give students medication except per district guidelines.  The only exception to this rule are persons who hold after-school events such as trainers, band, and drill team instructors who may administer meds to a student while participating in their event. 

District Medication Policy

Release from School Due to Illness

Any student who goes home via the clinic must present themselves to the clinic, sign in, and a parent/guardian will be called.  

When the decision is made that the student is going home, the parent must come and show their Driver's License to the front office located next to the Large Commons (cafeteria) where it will be scanned into the computer.  The parent may proceed to the clinic and sign out their student on the parent log.   The parent and student will be sent to the attendance office to verify they are leaving.  Attendance may choose to verify the parent identification and student identification. The parent must wear the tag the front office gives them while they are on campus.

Parents may send someone other than themselves to pick up a student but the same procedures apply and the pickup person MUST be listed on the students' emergency procedure card.  These procedures are for the safety and welfare of our students.

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