AP Exam Registration

2018 AP Exam ON-LINE Registration Information
Visit: www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/443381

Dates for Regular AP Registration:
-January 8, 2016 12.01 a.m. – March 2, 2018 noon.
*(Unpaid registrations will be cancelled and students will be responsible for re-registering under late registration with $10.00 late fee per exam.)

Exam Price:
- $98.00 per test
- $33.00 per test for students on Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program

Dates for LATE AP Registration: $10.00 late fee per exam
- March 3, 2018 12:01 a.m. - March 9, 2018 NOON.

Scholarships: (Application/Essay required describing extenuating circumstance supporting a need for financial assistance.) Available for ONLY students who do NOT participate in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.
- AP Cy-HOPE Scholarship applications may be picked up at Counselors’ Corner during all lunches and/or with Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Lewis in office #1009.

Test registration can be confusing…PLEASE SELECT THE RIGHT EXAM!

Some commonly confused courses when registering:
High School Course AP Exam
English III AP English Language
English IV AP English Literature
Spanish IV AP Spanish Language
Spanish V AP Spanish Literature
Economics AP Macro Economics
Government AP US Government and Politics (NOT Comparative Government)

Refund Deadline: (For exams you choose to cancel.)
• Full refund if exam canceled by Friday March 2, 2018.
• Partial Refund if canceled by March 9, 2018. Cancellation fee is $35.00 per exam
• No Refunds after March 9, 2018 NOON.

How to Register Online:
1. Visit www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/443381
2. Enter demographic information for the student and parent.
3. Choose the appropriate test(s) AND select your assigned teacher. Select “Independent study” if you are re-taking
an AP Exam OR taking an exam for a class you are not currently enrolled in.
4. Accommodations Question refers to Special Programs.
5. Complete Payment: with a credit card, debit card

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