Project Prom

*Prom will be held Thursday, June 25, 2020, at Sans Souci. More information will be released soon.


Purchase your Project Prom Tickets by dates listed below to receive the number of tickets within that time span. It can always be dropped in the Project Prom purple box located in the front office or the table during available lunchtimes. The admission price will increase incrementally based on the following:

Before 12/21/18 $25.00 + 15 tickets

Between 12/22/18 to 03/02/19 $40.00 + 10 tickets

Between 03/03/19 to 04/26/19 $55.00 + 5 tickets

*Guest/Date that is a non-JVHS Senior, will be $55.00 (no tickets, prizes are for Seniors only)

All tickets must be in prize boxes no later than 1:00 am. Drawings will begin approximately at 3:00 am, with winners being announced at the time of the drawing. All prizes can be picked up at the close of the event. You must be present (still in the building) to win.

Volunteer tickets earned:
Volunteers can earn up to 30 tickets (ONE ticket for every hour volunteered) prior to the night of Project Prom. In addition, up to TEN hours = Ten tickets can be earned the Night of Project Prom (ONE ticket for every hour volunteered). Therefore, volunteers can NOT ear more than 40 tickets and NO student will receive more than a TOTAL MAXIMUM of 55 tickets (40 tickets earned plus up to 15 tickets received for senior ticket purchase made by the noted deadline).

Introducing “Busy Parent”
Parents can donate in increments of TWENTY-FIVE dollars starting at
$25.00 up to no more than $200.00

$25.00 = 2 tickets $125.00 = 15 tickets
$50.00 = 5 tickets $150.00 = 20 tickets
$75.00 = 8 tickets $175.00 = 25 tickets
$100.00 = 11 tickets $200.00 = 30 tickets

*NOTE: Donations to Project Prom are eligible for tax deductions under the tax guideline governing donations to a non-profit organization – 501(C)(3). Please contact your personal financial advisor for specific tax information.

Upcoming Events:

Events are in the works...

Upcoming Spirit Events at Local Eateries:

March 2019
5th - Chick Fil A - Jersey Village 290/Jones Road 4 pm to close
19th - Adriatic Cafe – Jersey Village 290/Jones Road 4 pm to close

April 2019
2nd - Chick Fil A - Jersey Village 290/Jones Road 4 pm to close
16th - Willies Ices House – Jones Road @ 290 4 pm to close

Stay informed and participate in this year's Project Prom activities.
For more information about the events, and to keep posted on the latest information:

Facebook: “Like” our page “Jersey Village 2019 Project Prom” and/or Request to join our Group at "Jersey Village 2019 Project Prom Group"
Remind101: For upcoming meetings: Text @jvhspr to 81010
Email: [email protected].
Instagram: Follow our page “jvhs2019projectprom

Senior Contract Guest Contract

What is Project Prom?

Project Prom is an all-night, after-prom party, held immediately following the Senior Prom. The event lasts from 11:30 pm until 5:30 am, providing a safe, alcohol- and drug-free environment, and a fun-filled night of games, food and prizes. All seniors and their dates are invited to attend. See the “What does it cost tab?” for all fees.
Project Prom has enjoyed great success for 20+ years because of student, parent, and corporate participation. No school or public funds are used in this project. Project Prom is totally dependent on donations to raise the considerable sum of money needed to provide activities, food, gifts and prizes for the all-night lock-in.

How can you help?

Project Prom is a gift to our senior students from their parents. It is a complete network of volunteer parents. You can help by volunteering for any of the various committees, soliciting donations, and/or working the night of Project Prom. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

What does it cost?

Every year the senior class parents meet and decide what their budget will be and from that, the process begins. The budget covers food, decorations, security, game rentals, casino, bingo, karaoke, senior gifts, and prizes. Fundraising is the key to making this event a success.

The admission price will increase incrementally based on the following for JVHS Seniors:


Before 12/21/18 $25.00 + 15 tickets

Between 12/22/18 to 03/02/19 $40.00 + 10 tickets

Between 03/03/19 to 04/26/19 $55.00 + 5 tickets

*Please make all checks payable to JVHS PROJECT PROM

A Senior Contract and/or a Guest Contract must be completed along with payment. Payments may be placed in the purple Project Prom Box located in the front office or mail to JVHS Project Prom, 7600 Solomon, Houston, TX 77040. Please put your payment and contract in an envelope with the name of the senior, an e-mail address, and a phone number written on the outside of the envelope so that proper credit is given to the correct senior.

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